10 Of Our Favorite Holiday Kids Crafts

10 Of Our Favorite Holiday Kids Crafts

This year, many of us are spending more time at home, so it’s a perfect time to join the kiddos in a DIY holiday craft activity. Grab some scissors, paper, and glue. We’ve scoured some of our favorite crafting websites to come up with our top craft ideas for this list; crafts that are durable enough to last, made from materials that wouldn’t require a special trip to the craft store, easy enough for toddlers, and fun enough for everyone. After all, Christmas is about spending time with family and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament

All you need for this activity are colored popsicle sticks (or paint your own), embellishments (like pompoms, glitter or stickers, the little ones loved using gem stickers instead!), glue, and twine for hanging. See the Best Ideas for Kids tutorial.

Santa Claus Paper Cone

This craft requires only paper, scissors, glue, pompoms, and googly eyes. This Santa looks cute on a table or shelf, but he can also sit atop the Christmas tree, too. See the Easy Peasy and Fun tutorial.

Sparkly Icicle Ornament

These icicle ornaments were different from so many others we came across. Tin foil, glue, blue glitter (any color would work!), and silver cord for hanging is all you need to make these easy sparkly ornaments for the tree. See the Kids Craft Room tutorial.

Accordion Christmas Tree

These DIY trees couldn’t be cuter or simpler. All you need is paper (cardstock is better), a stapler, glue, and for the ornaments a circle and star punch work best, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t just cut them out by hand. See the White House Crafts tutorial.

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

We couldn’t resist including this craft idea – tea lights as snowmen – although the gluing may require a bit more help from an adult. You’ll want tea lights, a permanent marker (also something to keep away from little ones!), pipe cleaners, pompoms, ribbon, felt, and glue. See the One Little Project tutorial.

Cotton Swab Snowflake

Cotton swabs, paper, glue, scissors, and glitter – that’s all you need for the adorable and easy wintery craft. You’ll notice the option to create snowflakes without backing, but we preferred the paper backdrop. See the Little Passports tutorial.  

Reindeer Twig Ornament

We love projects that get us outdoors, like this reindeer ornament craft made of sticks. All you need are a few sticks from outside, googly eyes, a red button, glue, scissors, and twine or ribbon for hanging. See the Fireflies and Mudpies tutorial.

Pompom Pinecone Ornament

Another reason to get outside – pinecones! In addition to pinecones, you’ll want small pompoms, glue, and ribbon or string for hanging for this adorable holiday craft. We also added a touch of glitter for sparkle on ours as well. See the One Little Project tutorial.

Cork Santa Claus

Need an excuse to open a bottle of wine? Look no further than these adorable cork Santa figures. All you need is a cork, red and pink acrylic paint, red felt, cotton wool, glue, ribbon for hanging, and a black or red pen. See the Red Tart Art tutorial here.


Marbled Christmas Trees

This craft involves marbling paper, which has a lovely swirled look to it. You’ll need liquid starch, however, plus acrylic paints, construction paper, wax paper, scissors, and glue. This project can get messy, so add newspaper to your supplies list. See the Buggy and Buddy tutorial.

 Photo credit iStock.com/SeventyFour

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