Looking for Things to do During the Holiday Break?

Looking for Things to do During the Holiday Break?

This year, many of us are home with the kids and have a little more time on our hands. True, the pandemic has changed our typical holiday plans, and the kiddos’ school break is just around the corner, but there’s no reason why we can’t make this year as fun and as memorable as others. Here are 15 fun (and screen-free!) activities for the whole family that can help you fill the unfilled days to come.

  1. Walk or drive to see holiday lights in your town. Consider making a special surprise snack for the trip. 

  2. Have hot chocolate. But make it special by serving it on a fancy tray with special mugs, offer DIY toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed candy canes, or shaved chocolate.

  3. Make paper snowflakes. All you need is paper and scissors. Hang them on the windows when you’re done to enjoy.

  4. Have a family game night with Christmas games (e.g. Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree or a candy cane hunt) or other board games that might be age-appropriate. There’s also indoor bowling, balloon ping pong, or indoor hopscotch that little ones can play, too. 

  5. Put together a donation bag for charity. Let your children do the picking. You can find local Toys for Tots drop offs on their website, and if you don’t have anything to donate, you can also purchase a toy for donation on their website, too.

  6. Make cookies and decorate them. Consider gifting some to the neighbors. Here are some favorite recipes from Family Education.

  7. Build an indoor fort and camp out in it. Flashlights, sleeping bags, books and snacks are a must. 

  8. Make a pinecone bird feeder. All you need is a pinecone, peanut butter, bird seed, and a string for hanging.

  9. If it’s before Christmas, make some ornaments for the tree. Check out our list of easy and fun holiday crafts for some ideas, or have the little ones make a paper chain or popcorn garland.

  10. Create an indoor obstacle course.

  11. Make red- and green-colored playdough. Check out our recipe for the softest and best homemade playdough.

  12. Have a dance party. “Alexa, play Christmas music!” Raise the stakes and turn your dance party into a dance freeze competition. Turn the music off, shout “freeze!” and whoever’s still groovin’ is out.

  13. Get outside! We just had our first snowstorm earlier this week and the afternoon was spent building snow forts, sledding, and making snowballs.

  14. Have a family talent show. Encourage creativity: singing, dancing, karaoke, juggling, magic tricks, jokes, painting, shadow making, whistling, even building the tallest tower ever - anything goes!

  15. Create a family “to do” list of goals, accomplishments, or just a bucket list of things to do for the new year.

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