How to Dye Pasta

How to Dye Pasta

Dried or cooked, for eating or for playing with, when it comes to kids, pasta never disappoints. And for sensory bins, pasta is a mainstay filler. But you can also use pasta shapes for DIY necklaces, gluing activities, and more! Here’s a simple recipe for how to create your own colored pasta.   

What You Need

1 c. dried pasta

1 tsp. white vinegar

10-15 drops food coloring

A plastic bag or a reusable plastic container (note that it could stain)


  1. Place dried pasta into plastic bag or container that can be sealed tightly.
  1. Add vinegar to the pasta, then add food coloring.
  1. Seal completely and mix and shake to coat pasta complete.
  1. Let pasta sit in bag/container for 10-15 minutes, mixing occasionally.
  1. Spread the pasta out on parchment paper, aluminum foil, a baking sheet, or even a paper towel and allow to dry for a few hours. This is an important step, because if it’s not completely dry, it’ll be just like getting food coloring on your fingers, which we all know is no fun.  

What to do with it?

-Make a dried pasta rainbow. You’ll also need paper, glue, and cotton balls for clouds!

-Create a dried noodle necklace. You’ll also need yarn for stringing them onto.

-Make some bow-tie noodle butterflies. You’ll also need paper, glue, and markers.

-Get creative with pasta sculptures. You’ll also need pipe cleaners and air-dry clay for the base. 

-Design a pasta mosaic. You’ll also need clay, rolled out flat onto newspaper then cut into a frame shape for the pasta. 

 Photo credit: Zinovieva

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