10 Hysterical Quotes about Motherhood (That are Actually True)

10 Hysterical Quotes about Motherhood (That are Actually True)

You know you're a mom when it's December and you're scraping the frost off your car windshield with a Lego. Welcome to motherhood! Here are 10 of our favorite hysterical quotes that remind us we're not alone in this.  

  1. "Some days I'm killing it as a mom. Other days, I call my kid the dog's name, burn dinner, forget it's garbage day, rewash the same load of laundry 3x and remember yesterday's doctor's appointment just as I'm finally falling asleep. It's a delicate balance." @momtransparenting.com
  1. "Parenting is buying snacks to take with you to the store to go buy more snacks while eating snacks." @relaxingmommy
  1. "I tucked my kids in last night and said 'see you in the morning!' & we laughed and laughed … saw them 16 more times before sunrise." @mommysinsidevoice
  1. "You might be a parent if you willingly reach your hand in the trash can and move garbage around to hide the thing that you don’t want your kid to know you just threw out." @motherhoodawry
  1. "As if parenting weren't already heard enough. I just asked my kid to stop throwing something called a 'throw pillow.'" @mobtruths
  1. "Motherhood: When 90% of your time is spent putting other people’s stuff away." @queenbeenmaternity
  1. "Moms do not sleep. Moms hover in a state of semi-consciousness, waiting for someone to need something." @guiltychocoholicmama
  1. "I've never wrestled a rage filled alligator in the dark, but I have given a small child liquid medicine in the middle of the night, so same thing." @fakeadultmom
  1. "Being a boy mom means loading the nerf gun you are about to be shot with." @mamasuncut
  1. "A Mom's Nightly Dilemma: Do I veg out & be happy doing nothing but bummed because I'm still tired … or do I go to sleep & be happy I got rest but bummed because I never get any time to myself?" @cmon.mama

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