The Paradox of Motherhood

The Paradox of Motherhood

By Kathryn Peck

Motherhood itself is a paradox; a tenet contrary to popular opinion. All at once you find yourself strong yet fearful, strict yet compromising, lonely yet never alone. Other paradoxes of motherhood?

  1. Motherhood is taking time for yourself yet giving all of yourself to your children.
  1. Motherhood is chaotic and messy, but charming and wonderful.
  1. Motherhood is lonely, yet you’re never alone. 
  1. Motherhood is often a thankless job, but also one of the most rewarding jobs. 
  1. Motherhood at its core is instinctive, but you’re never quite sure if you’re getting it right.
  1. Motherhood will test you and overwhelm you, but it will enrich you and strengthen you.
  1. Motherhood is exhausting, but you will be motivated to work harder than you ever had before. 
  1. Motherhood is seemingly endless nights that go by in the blink of an eye.
  1. Motherhood is heartwarming, but it can be heartbreaking.  
  1. Motherhood is giving, but it without realizing it, it’s also receiving.

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About the author: Kathryn is the owner of Bicycle Pie and mom of 4 little ones. Also a writer, editor, and former owner of one of Boston's premiere baby boutiques, she continues to write about motherhood, children's products, family life, and all other things that test our skills and patience as parents.

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