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Sensory Bins 101

You see them in classrooms and museums, yet there’s no reason you can’t make a sensory bin for your child at home. They’re hands-on tools for children to explore their world through senses. Okay, yes, it can be messy, but sensory play is also fun, engaging, and open-ended. Find out what the benefits are and how to start making your own sensory bins. 

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Super Simple Colored Rice

I’d never dyed rice until a few months ago when I made a food-inspired sensory bin for my kids. It was so surprisingly easy, and it made some beautiful shades of rice to play with. Find out what you need to make this rice for your DIY crafts and activities. 

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How to Make Homemade Playdough

Believe me, yours aren’t the only kids who leave the tops off the playdough containers so that it quickly become a dry, crusty rock. But here’s a recipe for super soft playdough that needs only a few ingredients from your kitchen and, when stored properly, will keep for up to three months. 

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12 Process Art Activity Ideas

Toddlers suddenly like to exercise their own independence, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to get in the car, but when it comes to process art, it’s amazing to watch unfold. Let your child discover, explore, and have fun creating. Here are 15 process art activity ideas to get you started.  

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