Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner. If you haven't figured out something sweet and special for mom yet, not to worry. Here are a few last-minute craft ideas for the kiddos that are guaranteed to make mom smile on her special day. 

Heart Thumbprint Platter by Old Salt Farm perfectly captures a moment in time that you’ll have forever. With a 2 oz bottle of multi-surface paint, a white platter which you can find for cheap on Amazon, and a few seconds of your children’s attention, you’ll have this adorable keepsake to last forever.
DIY Handprint Coasters by Dwelling Happiness are also a wonderful way to preserve this time with your children while they’re young. Vinyl tiles can be purchased at Home Depot, and you’ll need acrylic pants, a clear protective glaze, and vinyl bumpers or felt pads to put on the bottom to protect tables.

Tulip in a Heart Card by Easy Peasy and Fun is a super sweet one for moms on Mother’s Day. This card opens up to reveal a 3D pop-up tulip flower inside. A template is also available on their site for the card.

Hand-painted potholders from Design Improvised add a personal touch to an otherwise useful but detached household item. Start with DIY Canvas Potholders, which can be purchased from Oriental Trading. They advise kids to stick to a limited color palette for a more cohesive look
A Popsicle Stick Flower Pot from Mad in Crafts is also a cute idea for moms who like having plants around the house. With just a few colorful popsicle sticks, some thick craft glue, and a container, little ones will have a gift that’s ready in no time.

Heart Stamped Art by Happy Hooligans is just a starting point for this DIY project. Start with a cardboard tube, folded just so, and it’ll make adorable heart-shaped stamps with paint. Use this technique for a card or a framed print for Mother’s Day.

A personalized Ring Dish made from air dry clay, by I Spy DIY, is a cute and easy idea for a gift for mom, just make sure to leave plenty of time for the clay to dry ahead of the big day. Air dry clay is a soft modeling no-bake clay that will harden in usually 24 hours.

We love spring wreaths, so this floral DIY Paper Wreath from The Moments at Home was a no brainer for us. All you really need is paper, scissors, a pencil, glue, and a circle base for the wreath, which you likely have at home already. The tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for each flower to make, but get don’t hesitate to get creative and make up your own.
These Fingerprint Cards from Martha Stewart are something that everyone can do. Just press your thumbs onto an ink pad and onto some paper (for the moms), followed by your pinky fingers (for the babies), and you’ve got an adorable and personal Mother’s Day card just waiting to be finished with details using a fine-tipped marker.

Accordion Paper Flowers by First Palette will make for a unique spin on the classic Mother’s Day gift of flowers. By simply folding paper squares into an accordion, flowers come to life. Finish with buttons or gems and wooden dowels or sticks, and arrange in a vase.


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