Crafty Ideas for Old Egg Cartons

Crafty Ideas for Old Egg Cartons

Take a break from the cardboard craft ideas and start using your old egg cartons for the morning’s activities with your little ones. There are some seriously cute DIY craft ideas out there. For starters, we gathered up our 10 favorites, one of which is these adorable monster cups (above). But trust us, this is only the beginning! 

  1. Egg carton monsters (top image). Perfect for Halloween, we simply cut an egg carton into sections (parents will likely have to jump in on this first step), painted each a different color with acrylic paint, and used our imagination for the rest. Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pieces of construction paper can be glued on for the faces. At the onset of this project, consider keeping two sections together when cutting them so they open and close like a mouth. Maybe hide a Halloween treat inside?
  1. Egg carton snowmen (via The Best Ideas for Kids). Aside from an old egg carton, all you need is white acrylic paint and a brush, scissors and glue, a black marker, orange cardstock, some buttons, pipe cleaners, and pompoms for this wintery craft.
    Snowman Egg Carton Craft
  2. Egg carton bumblebees (via Buggy and Buddy). Just too cute. These simple little bees require an egg carton, yellow paint and brush, scissors and glue, a black marker, black yarn, googly eyes, and white construction paper.
    Egg Carton Bees
  3. Egg carton Hungry Caterpillar (via DIY Thought). My son came home from nursery school with this in his hand, so we just had to include it. All you’d need is an egg carton, a scissors and glue, green and red acrylic paint and brushes, green pipe cleaners, and white paper for the eyes (they look more like the Eric Carle illustration, if you ask us).
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Egg Carton Craft

  4. Egg carton flowers (via Easy Peasy and Fun). Use any color paints you want for this pretty craft idea. Aside from paints, brushes, and egg cartons, you’ll need scissors, glue, and cardstock. The leaves and stems can also be cut from the egg carton, and curl up a thin piece of egg carton for the center of the flower.
    Egg Carton Flowers
  5. Egg carton boat (via Oompa Toys). We love that this craft idea has another angle of play when finished. In addition to your egg carton, you’ll need a stick (for the mast), string, glue, and paper or tissue paper.
    Egg Carton Boat Craft
  6. Egg carton bats (via It’s Always Autumn). Another one for Halloween, string these little bats up on festive ribbon or baker’s twine for a spooky (and cute) decoration idea. You’ll need an egg carton, scissors, black acrylic paint and brush, googly eyes, white paper (for teeth), glue, and ribbon or twine for hanging. Remember to paint the underside, too, if you’re hanging this cutie!
    Egg Carton Bats Craft

  7. Egg carton spring basket (via Crafty Morning). You’ll need an egg carton, scissors, buttons, construction paper, glue, paint and brush, and Easter grass for this craft. Get creative with pompoms, sequins, or stickers for the outside of the basket – anything goes!
    Egg Carton Spring Baskets

  8. Egg carton penguins (via One Little Project). Is there anything sweeter than these stubby little penguins? We think not. You’ll just need an egg carton, scissors and glue, white and orange paper, black paint and brush, and googly eyes.
    Egg Carton Penguins

  9. Egg Carton Bird Feeder & Nesting Station (via Little Family Adventure). Everything a bird could ever need! What you’ll need for this fun-filled craft is an egg carton, string, bird seed, sticks, dry leaves and grass, crinkly brown paper, cotton, strips of wool, and chopped apple.

    Egg Carton Bird Feeder & Nesting Station


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