Not-So-Subtle Differences Between 7AM’s Winter Accessories

Not-So-Subtle Differences Between 7AM’s Winter Accessories

By Kathryn Peck

The leaves are changing and there’s a crispness in the air. Winter is just around the corner, and for parents on-the go with little ones, that means it’s time to start thinking about bundling up. 

When I owned my baby boutique in the city, 7AM Enfant was, and still is, the go-to brand for winter stroller accessories (although the company also offers a great selection of lunchboxes, backpacks, diaper bags, totes and more). But figuring out the differences between each product isn’t easy.

As a mom of four braving the colder temperatures each day, my combo choice is the 212 Evolution Blanket & Car Seat Cocoon for the double stroller on the coldest days (plus WarmMuffs!), and the Classic Pookie Poncho for either baby wearing or a stroller cover and the Car Seat Cocoon on those slightly warmer, 40° days. They’ve introduced loads of new colors and patterns this season, but the core offering remains the same. So which one is right for you? Perhaps this breakdown of the more popular 7AM products can help. 


What it is: An easy-to-use baby wrap that safely adapts to any car seat or stroller. It’s very warm and has a back oval cutout that eliminates extra layers of material between the harness and baby’s back for added safety. Machine washable. Temperature rating: 5°F

Where to use it: car seat, stroller.

What I like: It’s extremely warm thanks to the faux down insulation and micro-fleece lining, and the baby-wrapped-like-a-burrito look is ohhh so cute! Because of the oval cutout, the NIDO is also one of the easiest blankets put in and remove from a car seat or stroller.

What I don’t like: Sometimes it’s a little too warm. To accommodate this, however, there is a lighter fleece option. My little one would often be sweating if I left him in wrapped in his NIDO blanket indoors (if he fell asleep while outdoors, for instance). Which leads me to my next slight criticism: the Velcro fasteners. They are easy to use but loud and would most likely wake up a sleeping baby if you merely wanted to open up the blanket. Uppababy realized this small but important feature and changed its peek-a-boo windows on the strollers a few years ago: now they’re magnetic, and it’s much quieter to sneak a peek at your snoozing babe. The NIDO is available in two sizes: small (0-6 m) and large (6-18 m). Taller babies will kick their legs out of the small size rather quickly. 


What it is: A wind and water repellent cover with micro-fleece lining slips over any car seat to keep baby warm, omitting the need for heavy jackets and bundling. It’s like the name suggests: it creates a secure cocoon-like environment. Machine washable. Temperature rating: -4°F

Where to use it: car seat.  

What I like: It’s as easy as they come—simply slip this on over the car seat. The elastic base secures tightly onto any car seat. It is warm, snug, and blocks the wind (well, almost all of the wind). The faux fur lining on some styles is adorable, and multiple zippers add versatility to this cover, too.   

What I don’t like: Hmmm…what’s not to like?



What it is: A super warm footmuff with a removable micro-fleece insert for added warmth. The Sac Igloo fastens easily to any stroller or car seat and the detachable cover converts into a single-panel blanket for warmer days. A removable back panel creates easy access to the safety harness. Temperature rating: 5°F.

Where to use it: car seat, stroller. 

What I like: The removable faux fur trim on the hood is very cute, and the zipper on the hood allows it to be folded back behind strollers and car seats. The flexibility of this cover is great, given the removable warm insert and the front panel that can also be removed converting this into a blanket. 

What I don’t like: Because they’re available in three sizes—small (0-6 m), medium (6-18 m), and large (18 m – 3T)—it has a shorter lifespan than the 212 Evolution Blanket, for instance.


What it is: This footmuff is as warm as it gets. It’s like a toasty sleeping bag with micro-fleece lining that easily attaches to any stroller with simple hook and loop attachments. It can also fit onto a car seat or be used in a bassinet. Thanks to removable extensions, one blanket will accommodate children ages 0 to 4.    Temperature rating: -4°F

Where to use it: car seat, stroller.

What I like: Not to mention the warmth (oftentimes my children wear just a fleece jacket underneath), zippered length and width extensions enable this product to grow with your child; only one size is needed.

What I don’t like: I often wish the hood would open up in a similar fashion to the Sac Igloo.   


What it is: Designed for ergonomic baby carriers (not wraps or slings), strollers and car seats, the Pookie Poncho and the K-Poncho are versatile and warm, thanks to their micro-fleece lining. There are two interchangeable hoods: a larger one that zips on and off for the stroller or car seat, and a smaller one that snaps to the back of the cover to protect baby’s head when facing inward toward your chest in a carrier. Machine washable. Temperature rating: Classic -4°F / K-Poncho 5°F

Where to use it: ergonomic baby carrier, car seat, stroller.  

What I like: The 3-in-1 functionality, plus it’s surprisingly easy to put on and take off. Simply wrap the Velcro straps around the straps of your carrier. Love the hands slits, especially for parents when baby wearing.

What I don’t like: It’s not as snug a fit around the car seat or stroller as some of the other blankets, but it gets the job done. 

And don’t forget…WarmMuffs! These cozy and durable stroller mitts attached right to the stroller handle and stay there. A water repellent outer shell, poly insulation, and a super soft micro-fleece lined interior will keep your hands warmer than regular gloves or mittens. Machine washable. Temperature rating: -4°F 

About the author: Kathryn is the owner of Bicycle Pie and mom of 4 little ones. Also a writer, editor, and former owner of one of Boston's premiere baby boutiques, she continues to write about motherhood, children's products, family life, and all other things that test our skills and patience as parents.

Photo credit: 7AM Enfant

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