16 Gift Ideas That 5 Year Olds Will Love

16 Gift Ideas That 5 Year Olds Will Love

Age 5 isn’t an easy one for gift givers. At age 5, toddler toys are a little too young, and toys like Legos might still be a bit too advanced. At this age, children are counting, drawing shapes, and learning to write their numbers and letters. They’re active but can also pay attention to longer, more involved books (yes, this means lots of questions, too).

Here’s are list of 16 no-fail gifts for anyone celebrating their 5th birthday.

1. PicassoTiles Marble Run 40-Piece Magnetic Tile Race Track. These magnetic tiles are already a hit for building and stacking – you’ll find them in schools and playrooms across the country – but throw in some tubes and marbles, and it’s all the more fun.

2. Junior Metal Detector for Kids by National Geographic. Because looking for buried treasure never gets old. Need we say more?

3. My First Big Book of Coloring. Tap into a 5 year old’s newfound interest in writing and drawing with this coloring book. Pair it with some amazing markers, crayons, and stickers, and you’ve got a perfect art-themed gift.

4. Wooden Wobble Balance Board by Kinderfeets. This simple wooden object teaches balance, agility, and concentration, but also encourages imagination when you notice your child pretending it’s a bridge, a tunnel, or a fort. Plus, it’s just a great way to burn some energy, which 5 year olds have a lot of.

5. Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet by Crayola. This reusuable, light-up board is a great way to practice writing and drawing.

6. Make-A-Face Magnetic Build-It by Mudpuppy. A perfect gift for this age, when kids are starting to recognize their feelings and the faces to show it. Also, just plain fun to make silly animal faces with these magnetic pieces.

7. Map of the USA Jumbo Puzzle by MudPuppy. Explore the country with this amazing puzzle. Large-sized pieces are easy to put together, and there’s plenty of information on this puzzle that, once complete, can entertain any 5-year-old child. 

8. Monster Trucks Custom Shop. Let little ones design their own monster trucks with this amazing kit, complete with 4 trucks, 3 paints, 2 sheets wild decals, paintbrush.

9. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden with Live Cup Of Caterpillars. In this engaging science kit, kids can watch their very own caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies. Truly amazing to watch!

10. Peek-A-Doodle Doo! So many games are still meant for 5 year olds; they’re too complex. A simple game of hiding and finding eggs, but it’s perfect for younger children to play. Think memory, only with chickens and eggs. 

11. Stomp Rocket Original Dueling Rockets Launcher. Loads of fun for outside as kids can run and jump to launch these rockets high into the air. Amazing to watch little ones launch this all by themselves.

12. Makedo Invent Junior Toolbox – Cardboard Construction Tools for Kids. At this age, imagination’s soar and a cardboard box is often the most fun toy around. So that’s why this kit excites us to no end. It comes with child-safe cutters, special screwdrivers, and connectors that can hold up to 6 pieces of cardboard together.

13. Yoto Player. This adorable 4-inch speaker plays music, narrates stories that you can purchase, and has a wonderful “Yoto Daily” broadcast each day with age appropriate content that’s often relative to current events.

14. Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit by OOLY. For creative kids that thrive on the little details, this clay kit is a must. Tiny creations will dry in the air (no baking needed), and each kit comes with 12 colors of super soft clay (in reusable tubs) and 3 shaping tools.

15. Fairy Tale Animals TOOB by Safari Ltd. This Toob of mythical creatures includes a unicorn, dragon, frog, wolf, rabbit, doe, white stallion, bear, mouse, bluebird, and a fox. Each figure is hand painted with amazing details that will encourage imagination and storytelling in little ones. Non-toxic & BPA free.

16Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit with LED Light. This kit is a nightlight and miniature garden in one. Children can build the terrarium by layering the rocks, sand, and soil, planting the seeds, and placing the extras (i.e. tiny mushroom and bunny figure). The lid doubles as a light for nighttime. 


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