12 Items for a Rainbow-Themed Nursery

12 Items for a Rainbow-Themed Nursery

In the world of babies & toddlers, rainbows are all the rage right now. We love rainbows for nursery décor because they’re so versatile; they can be soft, muted colors or bright bold reds, greens, and yellows of the rainbow. In my son’s nursery, his favorite pillow is a rainbow of greens and blues (see the Blabla Kids pillow below).

For more inspiration and ideas, check out these rainbow-themed nursery décor items.  

1. For a super cute pop of color in the nursery, check out West Elm’s Rainbows Rug ($399). It isn’t cheap, but the design and quality of this rug are worth it. (photo credit West Elm)

West Elm Rainbow Rug

2. We just love the earthy, natural colors of Peppy Lu’s Sierra Rainbow Decals ($33) to spice up plain walls. (top photo, credit Peppy Lu)

3. You’ll need a place to keep baby toys, so look no further than Crate & Kids for their Rainbow Semi Circle Basket ($69) for this. (photo credit Crate & Kids) 
Crate & Kids Rainbow Basket

4. Want baby to get in on the theme? Check out Angel Dear’s adorable sleeveless Rainbow Onesie ($25).

5. Swaddles are a must-have for new parents, and Clementine Kids’ cotton muslin Rainbow Swaddle ($24) is a perfect add-on for the theme.
Clementine Kids Rainbow Swaddle ($24)

6. Blabla Kids adorable blue rainbow pillow ($68) made of 100% cotton will brighten up any rocking chair. (photo credit Blabla)

Blabla Kids Rainbow Pillow in shades of blue7. Speaking of Blabla Kids, we love their 100% knitted cotton Rainbow Wall Hanging + Mobile (Sunrise shown here, $68). Perfect for over a changing table or crib. (photo credit Blabla)
Blabla Kids Rainbow Wall Hanging

8. Tree by Kerri Lee is known for their sweet wooden keepsake banks and music boxes, so we were thrilled to find this adorable Rainbow Music Box ($64) that plays “Over the Rainbow.”
Tree by Kerri Lee Music Box

9. Pehr Design makes the ultimate must-have cotton canvas storage bins – I have about 20 of them - so it’s no surprise that we pulled up their Happy Days Pom Pom Pint Bin ($28) for this list.
Pehr bin

10. Baby books are sweet and irreplaceable keepsake of your baby’s firsts. Lucy Darling’s Little Rainbow Memory book ($35) fits this theme perfectly.
Lucy Darling Memory Book

11. This Ceramic Rainbow Lamp ($149) from Pottery Barn offers a soft light with even softer pastel colors. (photo credit Pottery Barn)
Rainbow Lamp from Pottery Barn12. Toki Kids’ Rainbow Watercolor Nursing Pillow Cover ($45, cover only) features sweet watercolor rainbows in soft, natural colors.
Toki Kids Rainbow Nursing Pillow Cover 

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