Spread the Love with These Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Spread the Love with These Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Okay, so you probably haven’t finished putting away your Christmas decorations yet, but everywhere around you, signs are pointing toward Valentine's Day. (Already!) It’s impossible not to start thinking about kids’ cards and all those heart-shaped candies. And the other thing to start thinking about? Valentine's Day kids craft ideas. Here are a few that are fun for little ones, engaging, and also provide an excellent opportunity for children to express their creativity and share the love with family and friends. 

Paper Plate Love Bugs

Transform ordinary paper plates into charming love bugs! Gather some colorful paper plates, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms. Cut the paper plate in half, paint it in vibrant hues, and let your child's imagination run wild as they design their love bug. Attach googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennas, and pom-pom noses for a cute and personalized touch.

Handprint Heart Tree

Capture the essence of love with a handprint heart tree. Simply trace your child's hand onto brown construction paper to create the tree trunk. Cut out multiple hearts in various colors and sizes. Have your child write or draw special messages on each heart and then glue them onto the branches. This craft not only showcases creativity but also becomes a sentimental keepsake.

Valentine's Day Cards

Encourage your little ones to express their affection by making personalized Valentine's Day cards. Provide colored paper, markers, stickers, and other embellishments. Let the kids cut out heart shapes and create unique messages inside each card. This activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also teaches the joy of giving.

Love-ly Suncatchers

Brighten up your home with love-themed suncatchers. Cut heart shapes out of colored tissue paper and have your child arrange them on a laminating sheet or clear contact paper. Once they're satisfied with the arrangement, cover the paper with another sheet and seal the edges. Cut out the heart shape, punch a hole at the top, and hang the suncatcher near a window to enjoy the beautiful display of colors.

Cupid's Arrow Craft

Create Cupid's arrows using craft sticks, colorful paper, and feathers. Paint the craft sticks in vibrant hues, cut out heart-shaped tips from colored paper, and attach feathers to the opposite end. These adorable arrows can be used as decorations or attached to homemade Valentine's Day cards.

Love Potion Sensory Bottles

Engage your child's senses with a love potion sensory bottle. Fill a clear bottle with water, glitter, heart-shaped sequins, and a few drops of food coloring. Secure the lid tightly and let your child shake the bottle to create their own mesmerizing love potion. This sensory activity provides a calming and enjoyable experience.

This Valentine's Day, embrace the spirit of love and creativity with these delightful kids craft ideas - enjoy the process of crafting with your little ones, and never mind the mess. 

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