10 Easy Activities for Outdoor Fall Fun

10 Easy Activities for Outdoor Fall Fun

Fall is the best time to be outdoors. It’s still warm enough to be out without a coat and the leaves are just beginning to fall from the trees, which offers up an amazing lineup of activities on their own. So when hayrides and fall festivals aren’t an option, here are some other ways to enjoy the outdoors with little ones this season. 

Collect leaves. Notice the colors and types of leaves; use them for crafts or leaf rubbings. 

Jump into big piles of leaves. This involves raking the yard - bonus!

Go on a fall-inspired scavenger hunt. You can find plenty of cute printouts on Etsy or design your own. Leaves, flowers, insects, acorns, etc. 

Collect pine cones for crafts. Fairies, penguins, there’s no end to ideas. Check out these ideas from The Craft Morning for some inspiration.  

Make a witches stew. Anything goes, as long as you have a bucket filled with water and a stirring stick to start. 

Go on a fall color hike. Take a printout of a rainbow and while on the hike, find something to match each color.

Make a fall sensory bin. Gather leaves, pine needles, acorns, seeds, corn, and anything else you can find for this hands-on activity. 

Decorate mini pumpkins. Paints, markers, and gemstone stickers are all great for decorating with.

Pick apples. Applesauce, apple muffins, apple pie, or just enjoy them as they are. 

Make bird feeders. Popsicle sticks, an orange, an old milk carton - just about anything can be turned into a bird feeder. Check out these 12 ideas from The Realistic Mama.


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